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Myelo Therapeutics GmbH develops innovative treatments in areas of high unmet medical needs.


Till_Erdmann Myelo Therapeutics Company Till Erdmann
Managing Director responsible for investor relations and business development. Graduated in engineering from the Technical University Berlin. MBA from San Francisco State University. 20 years work experience in the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industry in sales and marketing, corporate strategy, and business development. Founder of IDrug GmbH and Treamid Therapeutics GmbH.
Dirk Pleimes Myelo Therapeutics Company Dirk Pleimes, MD
Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer. Graduated in medicine and public health from Charité, Humboldt University, Berlin. 13 years of work experience in global medical affairs, clinical development, business development and strategic marketing in pharmaceutical companies based in Germany and the USA. Founder of SCINSPIRE Holding & Consulting GmbH and Treamid Therapeutics GmbH.


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