Myelo Therapeutics GmbH - Myelo001

myelo001 is a small molecule that is effective on the hematogenesis. It's oral application is being investigated as a treatment for chemotherapy-induced myelosuppression (CIM), radiation-induced myelosuppression (RIM), as well as acute radiation syndrome (ARS).

myelo001 was found to induce the differentiation of immature myeloid precursors. The effect of myelo001 is determined by both the protection of immature granulocytic cells in their early stage after cytostatic treatment and/or radiation, as well as a more active maturation of neutrophils.

myelo001 has reached clinical stage in Europe with an efficacy and safety phase IIa study in chemotherapy-induced neutropenia.

myelo001 is currently investigated in non-clinical studies as a prophylactic and therapeutic treatment for acute radiation syndrome and radiation-induced myelosuppression.